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Y-IMPACT Africa is a non-profit initiative focused on reaching out to, educating and providing accessible education and healthcare to underprivileged, orphaned and at-risk children across Africa. Y-IMPACT is also promoting advocacy work in the area of partnering with international organisations and government in Africa to design, develop, implement and review financing strategies relating to infrastructure, education, renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives.

A hungry child will not go to school neither will a sick child. At Y-IMPACT Africa, we provide materials these children need: school uniforms, books, shoes, treated mosquito nets, drugs and health support items, rechargeable lamps and other relief materials. We use innovative techniques and socially innovative financing means to secure funding for the activities of the organisation. We utilize social media for advocacy campaigns to create awareness about the challenges children in disadvantaged communities are encountering. We also use social media for crowd sourcing to raise funds from individuals, clubs & societies, foundations, charities, non-profit organisations and private sector institutions. 


To change the society by investing in vulnerable and disadvantaged communities to help realize their maximum potential.



Reaching out to, educating and providing accessible quality education, healthcare to underprivileged, orphaned and at-risk children in Africa, through the provision of access to these facilities and other psycho-social support programs as well as supporting public policies that promote infrastructure and renewable energy initiatives in low income communities in Africa.