Give Monthly

You can contribute monthly to any of our volunteering initiatives / partner projects (Slum 2 School or Dollar a Book or Sponsor a Child Nigeria) or other projects to help facilitate some Advocacy programs, Routine verification and advocacy campaigns, community mentorship programs, Education funfair and several other psycho-social support programs that keep our children in school and in good health all through the year. Since inception in 2012, Slum to School Africa has organized several programs with over 22 organizations and visited 15 different slums across Nigeria.




ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1013299207




ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0130659207


Since existence, our partner projects' volunteer-base has been growing tremendously. They have worked with over 1000 young volunteers at different phases and stages of our projects. They have also formed and trained a community based volunteer group made up of over 30 community youths who double as community advocates and mentors. These individuals are becoming more committed every day to making impact in the society through the excellent results we are getting. It also avails most of the volunteers the platform and opportunity to improve their leadership skills, gain work experience, network and also create a tremendous community impact. You will be joining the increasing number of over 3000 professional volunteers from 25 countries who have helped over 1000 children gain access to basic education & healthcare since inception.


To join our network of volunteers for Slum to School Africa project, please click here

To join our network of volunteers for Sponsor A Child Nigeria project, please click here


Pledge Your Birthday

Your birthday can make a difference in a child’s life. Sign up for ‘Pledge your birthday’ and spend your day bringing sunshine to the faces of children living in slums. Signup to celebrate your birthday and we’ll get in touch with you.


Dollar A Day Campaign

Please help bring the gift of learning to disadvantaged African children!

We are launching a new Dollar A Day campaign to get 1,000 donors to donate $1 per day for 1,000 days. This campaign, which will raise one million dollars, will be used to match donations from corporate organisations who are working to fund provision of library materials and books to our children. These dollars will then serve to double the impact of all their donations, leveraging your gift to make books available to those areas that need them the most. One dollar buys two books for a child. Ten Thousand Dollars fills an entire library.

Payment to the Dollar A Day campaign can be made monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly—whichever is most convenient for you. Send us an email informing us of one of the following options:

Monthly—$30 a month (Pay Period = Monthly)

Quarterly—$91 a quarter (Pay Period = Quarterly)

Semi-Annually—$182 twice a year (Pay Period = Semi-Yearly)

Annually—$365 a year (Pay Period = Yearly)

One-Time—$1,000 (Pay Period = One-Time)

 Please contact us for more information.

Fund Raise

Use your personal and professional connections to find financial sponsors. Many of our partner projects are funded by Rotary clubs, churches, and non-profit organizations with ties to Africa. Some of the project's donors are corporate sponsors. If you or a friend works for a corporation, ask if they have a grant program.